...live long and prosper...
This is an exhibition
of some of the most beautiful
and important creations
of the Ancient Hellenes!
Hellenic artifacts


These are some pictures I managed to find, from various museums in Hellas. This collection is a mere fraction of the innumerable works of the ancient artists, in both number and beauty.
These artists had perfected these forms of art to an extent that even today seems unbelievable!

Some details are included in the paragraphs next to the pictures, so that everyone understands what their eyes are admiring.

god Apollo's head

This is the head of the statue of Apollo, on the pediment of the temple of Zeus, in ancient Olympia. The god is invisible and watches a battle between the Lapiths and the Centaurs.

goddess Aphrodite Pan Eros statue
Aphrodite and Pan

This complex statue is showing a humouristic scene between Aphrodite, who has just finished her bath, and Pan, whom she threatens with her sandal. A small Eros is flying above them, touching Pan's horn.

Cretan bull head vessel
Bull-head shaped vessel

This ceremonial vessel, shaped in the form of a bull-head, the sacred beast of the Minoeans, is made of steatite; its eyes are of pure crystal and its snout of white marble. Its original horns were not recovered, but it's certain that they were made of gold.

omphalos of Delphi
Omphalos of Delphi

The Omphalos. This sandstone sculpture is probably a Roman-time replica of the original stone placed in the shrine of the temple of Apollo, in Delphi. It was believed to be marking the center of the world. The original was possibly a stone covered with interweaving ropes made of tied locks of hair.

Zeus or Poseidon bronze statue
Zeus or Poseidon of Artemision

The bronze statue found in the sea near Artemision is believed to be either Zeus or Poseidon, wielding the thunderbolt or the trident, ready to strike. This awesome statue is depicting the power of one of the two mightiest gods in the ancient pantheon.

Urn of Philippos II of Macedonia
Urn of Philippos II

This is the golden urn containing the ashes of Philippos II, father of Alexander the Great, king of the Macedonian dynasty. It is decorated with flower sculptures; on top, predominant is the shape of the sixteen-ray star, common symbol of power, often seen decorating symbols of royalty throughout Greece, symbol of the Macedonian dynasty.

Note: I'm terribly sorry that I had to ruin the image with the text, but unfortunately, some people from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia keep thinking it's their right to usurp other nations' heritage and present it as their own.

goddess Athena mourning
Mourning Athena

This marble sculpture is showing the goddess Athena mourning, holding upon her spear. She has her helmet on and is wearing a multi-folded mantle. The pillar was found in the Athenian Acropolis and is dated around 460 b.C.

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