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Computers and electronics

Technological roots

Technology in general is something that always fascinated me. Having been raised in a family of electricians, it was a safe bet that I'd be into moving electrons as well.
My first computer was bought back in 1983, a missing in action Spectrum 48k (yes, yes, the rubber keyed one). From then on, a lot of computers have found themselves in my hands; you can read all about it in the "Computer" section.

Being all into computers, I couldn't possibly stay away from electronics. You see, at the old age of computing (of which age I am proud to have been a part), computers were just a bunch of circuitry, which often required user intervention or even assembling! Plain users of the time were far from plain users of today; indeed, most were electric engineers, electricians and so forth.
My stories with electronics, as well as a few tutorials and schematics. you can find in the "Electronics" section!
The "Projects" section contains some of the projects I proposed to or was given by my professors at the University. These are usually more theoretical and somewhat harder than your average electronics.
Finally, the "Liquid Crystals" section contains analyses, schematics and pictures of LCDs, VFDs and various displays I've dealt with.
Have fun!

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