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My net log



Recently, I decided to make a gallery of my photographs at flickr, a specialised photography site. The original plan was to make a gallery in here, under interests/photography, but I thought that flickr would allow more people to see my work. So, if you're curious to see what kind of photographs I can shoot, feel free to pay my gallery a visit. Just click on the following link!

skagon at skagon at flickr


Back in Athens

So, another trip to the UK is over, and again I'm missing everything dear I left behind. I'm even missing the weather; leaving some 14°C in England to return to the 25+°C of the Athenian night was a shock to me, and the almost 40° of daytime now feel suffocating. In any case, I'm trying to get over it, since there are things here that need to be taken care of, and being in a state of depression certainly doesn't help. Summer is over.


United Kingdom

This entry is being made from the UK. I've been here for roughly two weeks, one more to go. The weather is just perfect here, sun and cool breeze, insanely lot of green and the Brits are all out in parks and meadows. For me, it's more like spring in Greece, but it's very nice anyhow. I don't know if I prefer England in summer or winter, both are marvellous. At some point, hopefully, there will be pictures of this excursion in the Photography section.
Cheers, everyone!



Good morning everyone. As you might be able to understand from the title, my ankle still hurts. I am still on medication, albeit 'lighter' than the last three weeks. For all of you that personally know me, drop me a line, I do need moral support after 40 days in bed.
Also, for those few of you that read this and know me, get a copy of the Greek magazine "Computer For All". You might see something familiar in there... ;)
Anyhow, this is it for the time being, I'm just tired from this ordeal, and I can't wait to start exercising and hopefully play football again, at some point (with ankle braces this time). Trust me when I say, being in bed for 40 days makes you want to crawl up the walls; coming from such a lazyass like me, you should understand how bad it is.
Take care, everyone!


Another brick in the wall...

A few days ago, I successfully passed the 30-year milestone of presence on this planet, and in this lifetime. Unfortunately, I also managed to sprain my ankle a couple of days before that, so I celebrated in bed and in pain. Actually, even though I am in definitely less pain, I am also still in bed and unable to leave the house; it's been more than two weeks indoors now.
So, not much is new, I've been fiddling with some electronics, which you will eventually see in the Computronics section, and I'm keeping busy with other things as well. Maybe you'll get to see some of that, at some point. And yes, I'm being secretive.
Another fun thing is that Matrix Orbital sent me a GX prototype, which is their new USB LCD that works on LCDstudio. It's fun, even though it's a pity that it doesn't work on Windows 2003 (that's my main PC's OS). The laptop is having trouble keeping up on power-save mode, but other than a bit of fan activity, it's running nicely!
The past days, being in and unable to do much away from bed (walking included), I added a couple of pages under "Country" and "Liquid crystals". Enjoy!
Until the next time... take care people!


Rest in peace, dear Philips...

Once again, it's all quiet here. Apart from the untimely demise of my beloved computer monitor, a 17" Philips Brilliance 107P10, Diamondtron NF tube, a few days ago. I had to use a non-aperture-grille 19" Philips monitor that I fortunately had bought (at a real bargain price) a couple of months ago (identical to the one I modded in Patra, picture below), and got depressed at the curvature of the display, being used to the impeccable flatness of the Philips.
Fortunately, I managed to find and buy a second-hand lightly used Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930SB, which is a 19" CRT with a newer generation Diamondtron tube than my old one. Not quite the image quality of my old Philips, but close enough, and of course, perfectly flat as well. It's weird that they don't make Diamondtron CRTs any more. At least, not at a reasonable price - paying money that would get me a small car for a monitor is not really in my plans.
Pictures to be found soon in the Computronics section.
Cheers, guys!


A trip, a version and a mod

This month nothing much has happened. The engine of the website was upgraded once again, this time to the final version 4.1 of TYPO3. I've experimented a bit with phpBB, a forum engine, too. If you want to see the results, navigate to /forum and see if you can understand anything.
On another note, I took a trip to Patra, where I modded a Philips 19" monitor; you can see the results right under.

Would you believe this was a standard beige?


Simulate static documents

Well, it was time for yet another upgrade. After harassing my kind host for a long time, we finally made the needed changes to his server, and now the TYPO3 system is "generating" the entire website using real page names, such as "elog.html" for this page, instead of the nasty-looking "index.php?id=elog".
Along with that, the engine has now been updated to TYPO3 4.1 RC2 and everything looks good!


Pages and engine

Hello everyone. Along with the addition of a few pages, some of which you can already see and some which you will be seeing shortly, there was an upgrade of the site's engine to TYPO3 4.1 RC1. Not that all that means much to you, but I just thought I'd tell.
The new pages are still being fine-tuned and added upon, so... stay tuned for more! So say we all!


Just another update

For those of you that don't already know but feel you should know what's going on in my life, well... nothing is. I'm just here waiting for God knows what.
The post-UK depression is still with me and there's no sign of improvement.


Post-flight update

The trip is done. Back in Athens, new year's eve and I'm currently suffering from acute post-flight depression. I loved the UK and I had a great time there. Most of all, I loved spending so much
quality time with her who she knows who she is. Now I have to get used to being back home.
Happy new year, everyone.


Pre-flight upgrade

Just an hour or so before I set off for the airport, and I'm anxious as hell. So, I thought a little
geeking can't really hurt, maybe alleviate the tension? Well I was wrong, but what the hell. In the meantime, I upgraded the TYPO3 engine of the site with version 4.0.3 so, we're updated now!
Wish me a good flight! UK here I come!


Back to LCDs!

The past few days I've been back to playing with LCDs.
On Thursday, I received a new (used) LCD from England. Don't know what got me but on Friday I stayed up all night trying to make it work. Finally, I did it —and managed to go to bed 14 hours overdue.
On Saturday I did some more hardware hacking and made a nice little power circuit too.
I guess you'll be seeing all that in the LCD section, at some point. For the time being, the whole process and a few pictures are available in the LCDstudio forum: link here.
It was fun!


No more tables anymore!

Again, after quite a few days of experimentation, I managed to convert the entire website to CSS-style!
After reading so much about CSS and how bad HTML tables are and how all websites should comply with CSS rules, I took the big decision: make the switch!
Let me tell you, the task wasn't easy, it took me around three days to convert everything and rearrange all elements so that they line up and don't look like a mess, neither on Firefox nor on Explorer. That was what cost so much time, since I had both Firefox and Explorer running at the same time and tried making the website look the same to both browsers.
When I was done, I booted some Linux and verified that the website renders ok to the Linux browsers as well.
Of course, you who've been here before won't notice any difference, but one tiny little detail.
Now I'm happy!


Typo3 active

After a really long time, my website's based on TYPO3!
It took me a long time, reading about TYPO3, then learning CSS, re-making key features of my layout using CSS with divisions and markup, programming the entire layout on TYPO3, learning more 'esoteric' TYPO3 features and finally getting the system up!
I hope the result is worth the trouble I went to. The site's layout and design have gone through a lot of revisions and rethinking, but I feel I finally made a good thing!
If you want to comment on it, please feel free!
Take care!

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