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The guitar has always been my favorite instrument, and my passion.
Our story together and a few favorites!

Long, long ago...

I really have to try hard to remember my first contact with a guitar. However, having been born and raised in an environment of almost constant exposure to music, I can imagine it was really early.

The explosion of modern Greek music of the late '70s oriented my early music hearings to some of the best modern greek music, and, subsequently, the guitar. Ever since, I've loved every and any kind of music featuring a guitar, be it Greek "new wave", rock 'n' roll, classic rock, oriental, Latin, flamenco, fado or classical music.

One of my favorite albums that has had great impact on me has been George Dalaras' "Latin". This collection of some of the most exquisite Latin songs performed by Dalaras' great guitar, along with guitar deity Al Di Meola and guitar magician Achilleas Persidis, still ranks very highly in my mind.

The mid-80s were marked by the purchase of my first guitar, a classic Resonata, a superbly performing guitar made in the Eastern Germany, a model built by cooperating guitar specialists of the Musima company and researchers of the IFM institute.

Skagon playing guitar on my Resonata
Resonata and me!

That was the time of my 2.5-year guitar course in a local music school, only to be abruptly ended due to some irrelevant reason. However that was the basis of my guitar knowledge, and very successful considering my age (two years of distinct graduation).

Moving on

Growing up, I was influenced by the electronic music of the late '80s and early '90s, but my guitar obsession only grew. Turning to rock music, I found refuge from the electronisation of the music, which had led the guitar to unpopularity as well. Later on, about the time rock music was restored to "accepted" status, back from exile, I made my return to the roots, and explored the origins of rock, mainly late '50s and '60s music, ranging from American country and blues, transforming to rock'n'roll, rockabilly, the kaleidoscope of experimentations of the early '60s, the revolution of the "Beatle" sound, to the escalation of the late '60s, the "stiffening" of the music that followed, on to the '70s explosion.

That, I believe, is the most productive time of the general "rock" branch, and some of the best sounds were created then. Needless to say, a big part of my favorite music comes from that era.

My guitar experimentations include each of these "trends" in guitar sound, although my personal favorite is a clear guitar sound, undistorted and sharp.

The best guitarist, in my mind, or rather, in my ears, is Mark Knopfler, heart and soul of the "Dire Straits". Being a guitarist of classical origins and not using a pick when playing, you can imagine my amazement when discovering that my favorite guitarist is producing that amazing sound using basically the same technique!


In the spring of 2003, my beloved Resonata got injured, thanks to some ultra-hard tension La Bella strings. Her successor is a Tanglewood electroacoustic guitar. Hopefully, it will be a while until she won't be able to hold a set of hard tension strings.

Unfortunately, due to all the things I have to do, time for serious practice is very limited. However, playing does relax me as well as put a different part of my brain to work!

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