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Mysteries have always intrigued my mind, in a way that made me study an extensive amount of literature on the subject.
Here are some subjects
and some thoughts.

Commenced is the mystification

Ever since I was a little kid, there were two things prominent in my character: imagination and curiosity. Combined with an ever-growing enthusiasm on whatever excited them, made my introduction to the mystery land a matter of seconds!

To remember the absolute first mystery I ran into, would be impossible. Ever since I was a little kid, I absolutely ran into anything ranging from deeply mysterious to merely intriguing. However, the first thing I ever heard of was the mystery of the "Bermuda triangle", although, at the time, my age and resources prevented my further study.

The first thing I consciously went after was the "Philadelphia experiment". Shortly after, followed the "Bermuda triangle". After that, my path took me to many places, quite some of which under the influence of Erich Von Daeniken's books, some under popular science publications, yet others under information acquired from various sources such as magazine articles, television shows, encyclopedias or even my country's immense mythology.

Mystify more

During the mid-90s, the subject started becoming popular in my Greece, so I suddenly became flooded with material. That was the decisive point in my relationship with the subject; from a time when material was hard to find and, when found, there was plenty of time for it to be selected, evaluated and, ultimately, assimilated, I was taken to a time where I was drowned to all sorts of raw material, most of which was, inevitably, wrong or irrelevant, and what was more, the sheer amount of it made it impossible to glean useful and reliable information from there, not to mention assimilating the data.

Presently, my personal deal with the subject has slowed down; however I am still processing the data I come across, albeit in my own, slow, pace.

Here are some of the most interesting subjects I have come across:

Philadelphia experiment
Bermuda triangle
Easter Island statues
Tesla coils
Tunguska explosion
Extra-terrestrial life
Ancient "gods"
Nazca "drawings"
Advanced ancient knowledge
Great pyramids
Extra-sensory perception
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