...live long and prosper...
Simply capturing photons, freezing the flow of the fourth dimension or just triggering those neurons that form
memory cells?

First photons

The story of me and cameras goes way back, much like most of my hobbies or interests.
Photography and I met even before I can remember. You see, I was fortunate enough to have a pro photographer in the house: my uncle.
That simple fact meant that I was seeing someone taking pictures all the time, from when I was an infant. Even worse, being his first nephew, I not only was watching him taking pictures in general, but taking pictures of me!


At the time I was born, my uncle was working at the company that later became the local branch of Kodak. Before that he had been working at the Greek television (then the only channels were government ones) and after a while, he went freelance.
That was possibly the moment I hit the jackpot, because it meant he had his own entire studio, fully equipped, including a dark room! I spent enough of my childhood summers working with him at his photo shop, going to shoots with him, developing film rolls, printing photographs, the lots!
Of course, as I was growing, I was allowed to use his cameras and we'd print my pictures together! Around that time, he gave me some books on photography to study. I still have them and still cherish them.
Below is a picture of me around 12 years old just pretending I'm taking a shot. That's no way to hold a camera and yes, the shutter release is on the left! Told you, I'm pretending!
That picture was developed and printed by... yours truly!

A young Skagon and a Canon FTb-N
...trying to look like I'm actually taking a picture!

Light cone

Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by colours. Actually, I think I'm the only one that doesn't really have a favorite colour. I like all of them! That simple fact reflects on my photographs. From my first attempts, it was obvious that I was fascinated by colours. My pictures were (and are) spectral palimpsests, chromatic feasts for the eyes, always assuming your eyes do appreciate such spectacles!
Another thing quite apparent is that I never really enjoyed taking photographs of people. In all fairness, I've never had a model at my disposal, and there are very few women I know that would be suitable for that (and even they won't stop fidgeting when I'm shooting).


During my years at my uncle's photoshop, I've used many wonderful cameras. Unfortunately, I don't remember makes and models, apart from a Pentax, model unknown (possibly the ME-F) and the above picture's Canon FTb-N. This Canon, along with two other Canon SLRs were stolen at a photoshoot in a club in the early '90s.
Currently, I own an Olympus C-765 Ultra Zoom. This nice digital camera is very much like an old-school SLR, including an active viewfinder, which means it's showing what the sensor "sees" real-time. All of the header pictures in this website, along with everything in the gallery, have been shot using her.
However, for some time now I've been eyeing the Canon digital SLR series and I guess I'll be spending big at some point, if I ever find the money for it.


Some time ago, I decided to make a gallery of my photographs on a specialised photography site, which led to the subsequent creation of an account in Flickr. You can admire my photographs there, but also in the gallery sub-section in this website, which basically is the same flickr gallery. You can also click on the images and visit the flickr pages, where you can comment on them.
The links that will take you there follow!

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