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This website is being hosted on the TeamFraud servers. I owe a big "thank you" to the TeamFraud owner for providing unlimited server space and traffic, his invaluable advice and being so patient at my whining and demanding for all these years! This website couldn't have existed without him.

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The engine behind this entire website is the open-source Content Management System TYPO3. Thanks to the efforts of the entire TYPO3 community, I am able to use this magnificent piece of software to easily administer this website.

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This website is compliant with the XHTML 1.1 standards. Compliance with the W3C standards is of importance and every effort is being made to keep all new content in compliance as well.

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This website has been created using Cascading Style Sheets, as encouraged by the W3C. Please note that the code used is "almost" valid CSS v.3 code. The very few discrepancies are necessary to ensure compatibility with Microsoft Explorer.

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The structure and layout of this site have been designed to work with any browser. Every effort has been made to ascertain that the appearance of this site is identical under any browser, and with some slight exceptions (regarding Microsoft's Internet Explorer) this has been accomplished.

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This website is running on PHP, using MySQL database and Apache web server running on Slackware Linux.

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