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This is my first graphic LCD. Big, white and beautiful. With this it was that my real LCD adventure began.
The great white

The dark object of my desire

This is my first (working) graphic LCD. After having spent enough time with the plain character brethren, I decided to go for a graphic one. Of course, I wanted the biggest I could get my hands on. Or thought I could, anyway. I was trying for quite some time to find one, to no avail. Finally, I gave up and asked my supervisor at the University, who immediately hooked me up with a supplier, and turned it into a project. Not bad a development, actually, since, I had already done almost all the work necessary for a grade-10 project!

Some technical details included in the next paragraph; should you have any trouble understanding anything there, no, it's not you! This paragraph is for the somewhat technically inclined and thus, skippable!

The module itself is a Powertip, 320x240 pixels, driven by an integrated SED-1335 controller. Negative voltage and temperature compensation circuits included. White LED array backlit.

Here are some pictures of my graphic 320x240 LCD. Quite nice, actually; a lot of work to get it running, at the time!
The LED array and switches you see on the stand is basically a break-out of the computer power and reset switches, power LED and the 10-LED array is driven by an HDD activity LED bar-graph circuit I devised. It looks nice!
The quality of the pictures, however, isn't exactly top-notch, since my digital camera of the time was rather... basic (read: pathetic).

Show time!

LCD disconnected
First scan of the module; not yet wired.
LCD with sample image
First sparks of life!
Running LCDstudio
...PC stats, driven by LCDstudio v1.5 (hey, Ray...); design by... me!
Desktop stand on desk
My desktop, after making a nice plexiglass assembly for my LCD. Isn't it cute?
A closer look at the stand
...another picture of my feat! Sure looks...mmm!
Reflections on plexiglass
...reflections on plexiglass in the dusk!
The construct from above
A little peek on the back...
A sideways look
Sideways looks...
The back of the LCD and stand
Backside revealed!
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