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This is a general guide on how to wire an LCD to the PC. Covers all steps of wiring, soldering, choice of connectors and methods of testing.
Wiring guide

This is a general guide of wiring LCDs. It's not a bible of wiring, just the way I wire up my LCDs. Let's begin!

Firstly, I always use a normal parallel extension cable, which I leave untouched. That's a cable that just, in effect, moves the parallel port to the end of the cable. No wires crossed or anything.

This is a parallel extension cable!

Then, I get a plain D-sub-25 connector, male or female, depending on what the extension cable ends to. You can get these at any electronics' shop. On the following picture, you can see one female, one male and the rear of the connectors, which is same for all.

Some DB-sub-25 connectors (the plastic colour can vary).

If you look close, you will see that these buggers have little numbers embossed on the plastic that's holding the pins in place. These numbers are the same as the ones I (and everyone else) mentions as pin numbers! Note that there is numbering on both sides of the connector (plug side and solder side).

The numbers are visible here.

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