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This is a general guide on how to wire an LCD to the PC. Covers all steps of wiring, soldering, choice of connectors and methods of testing.
Wiring guide

Then, I get a ribbon cable, like the ones used in standard IDE cables. I just use as many cables as are necessary for the LCD.

A roll of ribbon cable; quite used!

Also, I choose an appropriate connector to go with the pins. Double row pins makes my life a lot easier, as I just get a plain two-row connector, like the one used by IDE devices, only not 40-pin, but however many pins are on the LCD.

Ribbon connectors in various pin configurations.

That connector is very easy to use, as it just requires a squeeze with a special tool (or a big-enough pliers), to get it in place. No soldering or anything.

Plug crimping tool, in use!

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